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HOSPITALITY ADVISORS is a unique organization made up of individuals with experience in every aspect of the complex hospitality industry. Combined our professionals have over ninety years of experience in valuation, operations, market analysis, litigation support and asset management.  Committed to the hospitality industry, Hospitality Advisors brings hands on experience and understanding to all aspects of the business.  Some of the specific service areas that we offer include the following:

  • MARKET ANALYSIS including the identification of the subject property's competitive market, analysis of the property's performance versus its market, identification of the subject's position within the competitive market, evaluation of the subject's potential in that market, and estimating future potential operating statistics for the facility.
  • OPERATIONS CONSULTING including an evaluation of the present management, review of management and franchise agreements, evaluation of facilities, and development of strategies for re-positioning.
  • VALUATIONS of hotel, resort properties, and conference center facilities for financing, litigation, acquisition, and disposition decisions.
  • FEASIBILITY STUDIES of hotel, resort and conference center properties to determine a project"s viability within the market and to secure construction and/or permanent financing.
  • ASSET MANAGEMENT services including ongoing oversight and evaluation of the operational and financial performance and conformance to the re-positioning and/or management recommendations.
  • LITIGATION SUPPORT services including research, analysis, and expert testimony on issues relating to the valuation, operation, and management of leisure real estate.
  • COST CONTAINMENT CONSULTING services include telecommunications consulting, local telephone bill auditing, long distance analysis (1+ and O+) PBX and/or voice mail equipment procurement and maintenance expense negotiation.
  • INVESTOR SERVICES through our affiliated company Select Hospitality Brokers, Inc, include property disposition, equity and debt fundraising, and buyer representation.


  • Evaluate the property 
  • Determine Target Market
  • Review re-franchise opportunities
  • Prepare marketing packet

Select is in contact with many buyers who are looking for various types of properties to acquire and develop.  The package would then be presented to these buyers for consideration.